Stone Repairs Underway

As of late January 2021, the first haulage of Whittonfell sandstone has arrived at our contracted mason’s workshop. It was sourced from AD Calverts quarry, which has historically provided Whittonfell sandstone since the medieval period. Jervaulx Abbey in North Yorkshire was built in stone sourced from this quarry in 1152.

Winter months are often very difficult to get any construction work underway, and this winter is proving exceptionally challenging with the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Despite this, we are making significant progress. While the country remains on lockdown and Boleskine House stands on frozen ground, our professionals will be working hard through February cutting and dressing the stone needed for replacement.

As conservators of a listed building, our philosophy is to only replace a stone if it cannot possibly be repaired. Much of the decorative stone that has sat in Boleskine house for hundreds of years is too badly-fire-damaged to remain. We are therefore replacing nearly 150 stones this year.

Stay tuned for a great fundraiser around this element of the work!