Boleskine House Self-guided Tour

Important information

Below you will find important information about your visit to Boleskine House

Welcome! Our 2024 Self-guided audio tour is now available. Please familiarise yourself with and follow the important steps below prior to your visit.

Arrival and Parking

It is very important that you do not block the access way into Boleskine House. The Gate Lodge and access gates only allow space for vehicles to come and go from the estate. We therefore request you park at the lay-by adjacent to the cemetery, allowing space for other cars to pull in and out. From here you can walk 3-5 minutes up B852 to the entry gates.

Note that the Information Booth (i) is not currently present on site

Checking in and arrival

We do not require a check-in at this time. You may enter the estate on foot through the black cast iron gates, which will be unlocked during hours of operation. It is very important that you ensure that the gate is closed behind you as you enter and exit the premises. If you arrive and the gate is locked for any reason, please use the doorbell to the right of the entry gates to speak to someone, or simply phone +44 7727491016.

Accessing WIFI on site and your audio tour

There are currently no headphones or devices onsite for your audio tour, so we advise that you bring a smart phone or tablet with you along with a pair of headphones for the best experience. You may access your tour on site by connecting to our WIFI network (details listed below), or simply download the files to your device prior (list with links below). Our internet may not be stable in bad weather, so plan accordingly.

You will begin at the information booth for important Health and Safety and House Rules information if you have not yet read or listened. You will then move around the building counter clockwise, beginning near the old decking at the front garden of Boleskine House. Please look for numbered Points of Interest to reference the relevant audio tracks.


Network(s): boleskinehouse; boleskinehouse2-4

Password: @Boleskine418!

Audio Tracks

  1. How did we get here?
  2. The general history of Boleskine House
  3. Fraser of Lovat
  4. Aleister Crowley
  5. Boleskine’s meadow and green initiatives
  6. Stonemasonry repair at Boleskine House
  7. Thank you and please consider supporting us!

Map Key

Note that the information booth is not currently present

Other information

Please be sure to explore and enjoy the surroundings more than just points of interests. There is a chemical toilet on site near the welfare cabin facility.

In the event of any emergency, please let a builder on site know if you require immediate assistance.

Upon exiting, please be sure to close and secure the gate behind you.

If you or someone in your party have mobility concerns, please write to us in advance at or call/Whatsapp +44 7727491016.