Plan Your Visit

While it is intended that the Boleskine House estate will be open to the public to visit in the future during posted open hours, the Boleskine House Foundation would like to inform those who desire to visit that the estate is currently closed to visiting except by special requests only.  If you care to visit the estate for any reason, you must first write to us at [email protected] to make an appointment to access the estate and view the house.  In advance of accessing the estate, visitors are asked to pay a £10 donation towards restoration costs.  Payment can be made here on our website via the funding and donations page or by card  on site at the time of your visit.

Kindly note that simply emailing us does not entitle a visit, and while Boleskine remains in a dangerous condition, all enquiries are treated as requests only and access is determined purely at the discretion of the board of trustees. Upon complete restoration, Boleskine House will have posted open hours and will be open to all members of the public.

House Rules
Click here for our House Rules (pdf)

Non‑commercial use of photographic, film and video equipment including wearable devices, selfie sticks and tripods is permitted within the estate. Commercial use of such material is not permitted without our prior written consent.

Drone filming and photography is not permitted onsite without prior consent and approval of the necessary insurance and licence documents. Please write to us in advance if you wish to request permission for the use of a drone.

As very recent events have shown, Boleskine House has been subject to a significant level of trespassing, looting, vandalism, and loitering in the past. Trespassing on the land without authorisation will not be tolerated. Parties who enter the land unlawfully will be prosecuted.