While it is intended that the Boleskine House estate will be open to the public to visit in the future during posted open hours, the Boleskine House Foundation would like to inform those who desire to visit that the estate is currently closed to visiting except by special requests only. If you care to visit the estate for any reason, you must write to us at [email protected] with no less than 10 days notice (2 weeks or more is preferred). Failure to submit your request within the minimum time frame may result in access not being granted.

Please download, sign and scan to us the visiting waiver form below so that we know you are fully aware of the condition of the site. Kindly note that signing the waiver form and sending it to us does not entitle a visit, and while Boleskine remains in a dangerous condition, all enquiries are treated as requests only and access is determined purely at the discrepancy of the board of trustees. Upon complete restoration, Boleskine House will have posted open hours and will be open to all members of the public.

Boleskine House Rules for Visitors

As very recent events have shown, Boleskine House has been subject to a significant level of trespassing, looting, vandalism, and loitering in the past. Trespassing on the land without authorisation will not be tolerated. Parties who enter the land unlawfully will be prosecuted.