Our mission is to restore and preserve the historical legacy and heritage of the Boleskine House estate for the greater benefit of the public. In additon to our conservation-led approach to sympathetically restore Boleskine House, our aims are to educate the public on the heritage of the house and  lands, to welcome the enjoyment of its structure and surrounding gardens, and to facilitate learning, growth and well-being.

Such initiatives will include active outreach into the communities of which Boleskine House and its surrounding land holds significant historic value and benefit. Such communities include the wider community of Scottish heritage and historic environment and academic communities who value Boleskine to be of significant historic and cultural import.

Our Vision

Our end goal and overall vision for Boleskine House is that it will become a historical landmark that will offer public accessibility and enjoyment in a way hitherto unavailable. This will be achieved in the following ways:

Restoration: We intend on restoring Boleskine House with a sensitive, conservation-led approach to reinstate its original historical state. We aim to design its interior to a condition that is favourable to its historical legacy as a Jacobean and Georgian hunting lodge. The principle rooms which form the main part of the historical interest for the house will be open to the public.

Community: Our project extends beyond a simple restoration endeavour. We see an 35 acres of an ancient property of magnificent beauty that can bring people together in gardening activities, learning seminars, or simple relaxation and enjoyment away from life’s challenges. We believe there is something that anyone can benefit from the estate.

Beautification: Our goals are to improve the land with the help and assistance of professional horticulturalists and to create gardens that will be publicly accessible for the enjoyment of all. This in turn will attract locals and tourists to enjoy the peace and tranquility that the bucolic landscape of Loch Ness has to offer.

History and Heritage: It is our goal to honour its history and legacy as a piece of Scottish heritage, and we aim to contribute to this body of knowledge by offering tours of the land and house for the purpose of education.

Education: Our team consists of educated volunteers with academic backgrounds. We have a natural drive for considered and methodological research in the arts and humanities, as well as architectural and archaeological study. It is our hope that we can serve as a branch in the Scottish Highlands to facilitate learning and growth in any and all disciplines of study that will help contribute to the overall body of knowledge.