Support Our Cause

The restoration costs for Boleskine House are are anticipated to be up to £1.2 million. All of the money which is raised through donations goes directly into the rebuild of Boleskine House. All of our trustees and volunteers are unpaid.


Friends of Boleskine House Membership

One of the best ways to make an ongoing contribution is to sign up to our Friends of Boleskine House subscription programme. Members get several perks by helping us out on an annual or monthly basis. Sign up via PayPal or by credit card (Stripe).

Become a Friend of Boleskine House


Crowdfunding and Giving Funds

Donating to Boleskine House is made easy with GoFundMe and PayPal. One-off payments or monthly, we appreciate your support! 



Many ways to contribute

We have a variety of innovative ways for you to get involved and support us, including sponsorship options for new pieces of sandstone for Boleskine House as well as helping us replace Ballachulish slates for a new roof. We are also registered for Gift Aid with HMRC, which means for every pound donated by a UK tax resident, our charity can claim an additional £.25. If you wish to make a larger donation please email Please write us to find out more!



Donating in difficult times

We understand that times are very hard amidst the unprecedented worldwide Covid-19 pandemic crisis. Many people have lost their jobs or are on extended furlough, and therefore it may not be realistic for those who may otherwise wish to donate to charities they support. Most charities around the world are faced with this dilemma at present.

Still, non-profits function by virtue of their supporters, and so they must still fundraise despite the fact that it may not seem timely to do so. The Boleskine House Foundation faces this challenge, and we need as much help as ever to save this historic building from collapse. We would like our supporters to know that we are working hard towards meeting our timescales for 2021 so that Boleskine House will not suffer another winter without a roof. The masonry repair must happen this year if we are to roof Boleskine and save it for the future! We therefore appreciate any and all support we can receive.