New Climate Fund Initiative at Boleskine, supported by Aviva

Keith Readdy, Chairman of The Boleskine House Foundation on our exciting Aviva Climate Fund initiative.

While the COP26 conference is now well under way in Glasgow, we are delighted to announce a Boleskine climate change initiative, backed by Aviva. 

We have an ambitious vision to do our part to fight the climate crisis and to inspire others to do their part too. We plan to establish the largest wildflower meadow in Loch Ness! 

Support Wildflowers at Boleskine here!

Wildflower meadows have decreased by a staggering 97% since World War II. With it we have lost vital ecosystems for bees, bugs and insects. We want to do our part to reverse the decline. We want to plant hundreds of thousands of native Scottish wildflower seeds and to establish our meadow as a ‘must see’ tourist attraction in the area. Alongside a new visitor center, we want to educate visitors and tourists how to create small meadows at home so that together we can reverse the decline.

Did you also know that a wildflower meadow can hold up to three times the amount of carbon of tree planting alone? Not only are the meadows great for biodiversity but they will also support a reduction in global CO2 emissions. 

Aviva are supporting our project and will match fund every donation we receive up to £50. So if you give us £20 they will match it with £20. If you donate £100 they will match donate £50. Plus you can also get Gift Aid in the UK and we will get 25p extra for everything you donate. Only one match from Aviva is available per person and it is up to £150,000 and in competition with other projects. So hurry and please donate this week because as soon as we get donations we can get our share of the funding available. This fundraiser closes at the end of November. 

If you are a UK taxpayer then any gift of £20 which you make to us will be worth £45 for the project (Aviva will match donate £20 and we will get Gift Aid of £5). If you live overseas the payoff is still great as we will get £40, doubling the impact. 

Help reverse the decline now!

We will be posting our project on social media and please help by sharing our campaign with #COP26, #BoleskineWildflowers, #AvivaCommunityFundUK and #StrongerCommunities.

We hope you will join us today to help Scotland lead the way to fight the emergency and to help us create something incredibly beautiful in the process. 

Full details and information on how to make a donation are here: