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    Removal of Dangerous Buildings Notice on Boleskine House

    On 7 January 2016 Boleskine House was given a Dangerous Buildings Notice pursuant to the powers granted to the Highland Council under the Building (Scotland) Act 2003. The reason for this was because of how unsafe the structure had become after the first fire a few weeks prior. On 22 July 2020 we applied to have this notice removed in order to pave the way for restoration works to the structure to begin in full. Following an inspection to the site last month, we are pleased to advise that today we have been issued with an acceptance certificate for the removal of the Dangerous Buildings Notice from the Highland Council.…

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    Charity Accounts filed and Independent Examination undertaken

    Under statutory requirements, the accounts of Scottish charities must be externally scrutinised by someone who is independent of the charity. This person reviews the charity’s accounts and produces a report, attached to the charity’s accounts submitted to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator. These reports highlight any issues to the OSCR should any arise. External scrutiny is an important component of the overall regulation of charities in Scotland, a scheme designed to ensure transparency and public accountability by registered charities. Earlier in the year we appointed a professional independent examiner who is based in Scotland to work with the charity to meet the regulatory rules. The appointed examiner has access to…

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    Scaffolding erected to Boleskine House

    We have now erected a scaffold around the entire perimeter of Boleskine House, enabling works to be planned for the consolidation of the stone wall head. A team of scaffolders from local firm Northscaff Ltd have worked for several weeks to design and then build the scaffold on site. This comes at considerable cost, but is a substantial accomplishment to enable works to now proceed to the next phase.

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    Chimney works at Boleskine House complete

    After a number of detailed discussions with the Highland Council in relation to the standing chimney in the ‘drawing room’, we have now completed the works to preserve this part of the building. After erecting a structural scaffold around the chimney and gable, we then appointed masons from Harper and Allan Masonry Ltd to work to stabilize the structure without requiring it to be taken down and rebuilt. The chimney was at great risk of collapse and it is a huge accomplishment to have been able to complete this repair. The work took around 5 weeks to complete.

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    Render removed from Boleskine House

    Following the grant of listed building consent under application reference 20/01665/LBC, we have now completed the removal of all of the concrete render from the building. Our professionally appointed masons from Harper and Allan Masonry Ltd did all of the removal works, and four volunteers helped to collect all of the concrete off the floor and transport it to skips. This now gives the listed building an opportunity to be prepared for the next phase of its rebuild.

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    A reminder about our purpose and constitution

    The Boleskine House Foundation SCIO is a Scottish charitable organisation, and operates independently of any other organisation. Its aims are educational in nature and as stated in our constitution our purposes include: (a) The restoration and preservation of the Boleskine House estate; and (b) To advance the education of the public in the subject of local Scottish history, with particular emphasis on the Boleskine House estate. This history includes a rich collection of personages that define the estate’s past ownership, and so by “education of the public in history” we include all branches of its history: political history, religious history, and even rock and roll history. It is our belief…

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    Listed Building consent received for the first phase of works to Boleskine House

    Under application reference 20/01665/LBC, the Highland Council has today given permission for the first phase of the repair and reinstatement works to Boleskine House.  These works include the removal of the modern cement render on the exterior of the building; removal of modern concrete sub-floors; repair and consolidation of structural stone walls and chimneys and replacement dressed stonework to match damaged original stone.  A positive comment from Historic Environment of Scotland was provided saying, “We welcome the proposed consolidation works to this vulnerable shell to protect it”.  It is anticipated that with permission in place formal works will commence to the building shortly.

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    Boleskine House Cleared and Ready to Go

    Despite the lockdown in the United Kingdom, chairman Keith Readdy and his wife Kyra were able to self-isolate in the Boleskine Gate Lodge and continue to clear out the house in late March. Once the rooms were cleared, the remainder of the house was then cleared as well. We would like to express great thanks to our continued support from our members. Your contributions have enabled us to continue paying for waste removal from the structure, which amounted to nearly 80,000 kilograms of debris in the space of just a month. That is about 10, eight-tonne skips, with each one costing approximately £418.00 (yes they are that expensive in the…

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    Fundraising Manager Sought

    The Boleskine House Foundation SCIO is Scottish charitable incorporated organisation and we are seeking a Trustee on a volunteer basis to assist us with fundraising and managing the finances of the charity. Under the constitution for the charity all positions are on a volunteer basis with out of pocket expenses covered by way of reimbursement. This is a unique opportunity to be involved as we restore the infamous Boleskine estate and work on the project with the aim of getting the estate ready to open to the public in 2022. While the position sought is that of a fundraising manager, the Trustee appointed will be involved in all aspects of…

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    The Boleskine House Foundation acquires the adjacent Coach House and lands

    We are delighted to announce that we have today purchased the lands adjacent to Boleskine House. This includes the category B listed former coach house (or “stables”) which lies to the east of the main house. The grounds, which extend to approximately 3.5 hectares, lie mainly between the building and the main drive and comprise grazing land and a former piggery. These lands, including all buildings thereon, are now within the formal ownership of the charity. We would like to extend our thanks to former trustee William Banks for selling these lands to the charity. Anyone who wishes to help support us in our projects going forward is encouraged to…