Our Contributing Team


In addition to the board of trustees, the Boleskine House Foundation has a growing list of team members whose skills and expertise in various areas of specialty help to make our vision a reality. Their professional experience ranges from global software development and corporate consulting, to graphic design and digital 3D imaging, to over two decades worth of training in publishing and production. We are truly indebted to their contributing skills and knowledge in their respective specialisations along with their passion to see Boleskine House restored.



“I aim to build a library at Boleskine which does justice to its historical and spiritual legacy.”

Andrew Curley

Bio: Andy graduated in Law in 1989 and has spent has spent his life working in intelligence in a number of specialist roles. After retiring in 2014 he has dedicated much of his time to pursuing his interests in intellectual and spiritual pursuits. A bibliophile and avid collector of literature, Andy has volunteered his spare time to assist in building a library which will one day be held at Boleskine House upon its restoration being completed.

Interested parties in the Boleskine library project, whether you wish to donate or make suggestions to our future collection can contact Andy at [email protected].




“I am honoured to be part of the Boleskine House Foundation team in order to serve and support this beautiful project, bringing my passion, skills and experience from a wide range of areas.”


Cecilia Rössel

Bio: Cecilia is an enthusiastic hobby gardener with a great passion of old houses and respectful building restoration. Founder of a consulting company, with 30 years of corporate experience from several large and complex IT development projects – spanning from various lines of businesses such as a global software development company, Telecom, Wholesale and Logistics.

Cecilia will act on our advisory board for the foundation’s development and has volunteered to help design the Boleskine House gardens.






“I have a keen interest in architecture and history, and the restoration of Boleskine House is something that I feel incredibly passionate about.”

Robert Molyneaux

Bio: Rob is a media studies graduate with over 10 years of experience in multiple different fields in media. As a freelance CGI artist, he has sold an array of different types of 3D models to game developers, artists, and architects. He is also an artist and a graphic designer. He has designed posters, banners, and digital art for many different events. As a media expert, Rob’s primary passion is filmmaking, having produced multiple short films and documentaries over the years.

Rob intends to bring to the Boleskine House Foundation his expertise in all areas of digital media, ranging from social media, to graphic design, and consulting with our architects with 3D model imaging.




“My wish is to see Boleskine House restored to its past glory, but firmly looking to the future. I am honoured to be able to contribute my skills and experience to a project with a firm legacy.”

John Mitchell

Bio: John brings more than 20 years’ experience in the design industry to the foundation. A seasoned typesetter and designer, he’s worked on projects such as Annual Reports for the Bank of England and brochures for the multi-million pound Gasholders development at King’s Cross in London. Outside of the design world, he has working experience of the non-profit and charity sector, including spending two years as the National Chairman of the Motorcycle Action Group, using his campaigning, management and lobbying skills to good effect. He is also a published writer having had columns in various magazines. He currently runs a technical print design consultancy.

John will be our publications specialist, applying his years of experience to  generate greater awareness about our cause. Interested parties who wish to have their work featured in the anticipated bi-annual journal should write to John at [email protected].