Mission and Vision

Our mission is to restore and preserve the historical legacy and heritage of the Boleskine House estate for the greater benefit of the public. Upon its complete restoration, we intend to use the estate to promote education on the heritage of the house, to welcome the enjoyment of its structure and surrounding gardens.

Such initiatives will include active outreach into the communities of which Boleskine House and its surrounding land holds significant historic value and benefit. Such communities include the wider community of Scottish heritage and historic environment and academic communities who value Boleskine to be of significant historic and cultural import.

Our Vision

Our end goal and overall vision for Boleskine House is that it will become a historical landmark that will offer public accessibility and enjoyment in a way hitherto unavailable. This will be achieved in the following ways:

Restoration: Boleskine House itself has been deemed by the Buildings at Risk Register of Scotland to be in “Ruinous Condition.” We intend on restoring Boleskine House to its original historical state. In addition, we aim to design its interior to a condition that is favourable to its historical legacy as a Jacobean and Georgian hunting lodge. The principle rooms which form the main part of the historical interest for the house will be open to the public.

Beautification: The land on which the property sits has been neglected since at least Boleskine House has become uninhabitable. We aim to improve the land with the help and assistance of professional horticulturalists and to create gardens that will be publicly accessible for the enjoyment of all. This in turn we anticipate will help to increase the overall value of the land in the surrounding area and will attract visitors.

History and Heritage: Boleskine has a rich and colourful history, being first established as a church parish as early as the 13th century. The House was erected by a member of the Fraser Clan in the 1760s. The Fraser Clan has itself a long history in the Scottish Highlands, especially in the area local to Inverness and Foyers. Boleskine for a time was also owned by British mountaineer, poet, chess champion and spiritual thinker Aleister Crowley who forwarded a spiritual philosophy and movement known as Thelema. Later it was purchased and owned by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin fame. It is our goal to honour its history and legacy as a piece of Scottish heritage, and we aim to contribute to this body of knowledge by offering tours of the land and house for the purpose of education.

Accommodation: At a much later stage after the restoration of the house, we will consider the installation of eco-cabin lodge accommodation. This will provide further opportunity to come and visit the land for longer durations. The intent is for this to also provide an income for the estate as a whole which will support the conservation and preservation of the listed building.