Our Founders and Trustees

We at the Boleskine House Foundation are glad to present to you information on our founding members and trustees. We are currently intending to add to our board over the next several months. We are looking for individuals who reflect the specialised skills needed in the restoration of listed buildings and those who hold construction project management experience with a passion for history and heritage.


“When it comes to heritage property I feel that we are guardians for future generations. It is my privilege and honour to work on this project and to be able to secure the future of the house.”

Kyra Readdy


Bio: Kyra is the purchaser of Lot 1 and 3 of the Boleskine estate and a London-based lawyer with more than 15 years of experience with trust and charities law. She is also experienced with the legalities pertaining to the management of landed estates.

Kyra’s primary role is to manage the Foundation’s legal matters. In addition to her legal career, Kyra has also built up a substantial real estate business and has more than eight years of experience developing commercial and residential properties in London.







“The Boleskine estate is a treasure of heritage and history that must be secured for future generations, and I believe it can stand as a landmark for culture, research, and well-being that all can benefit from.”


Keith Readdy

Founder and Trustee

Bio: Keith has built a successful career across several fields that include property management, property development, logistics, and hospitality. He is also an accomplished academic, specialising in history and comparative religion. He brings to the Foundation more than 15 years of experience in hotel management in addition to other related disciplines that will aid the project substantially.







“I intend to ensure that Boleskine is preserved and regenerated to thrive for many years to come. I intend to guide the process to ensure that the restoration is sympathetic to the historical nature of the Grade B listed building.”

Mark Lidster


Bio: Mark has spent nearly three decades working with the restoration of historical listed buildings in the United Kingdom. He has worked on the repairs required for the Tower of London, Salisbury Cathedral, and many other privately owned and publicly accessible protected structures. He founded Corbel Conservation Ltd., which became a highly successful, multi-award-winning conservation company. He has worked on projects such as Hestercombe Gardens, Haleswell House, and the Plymouth Catholic Cathedral. He now works as a senior conservation planning officer in Sedgemoor.






“I would like to restore the estate as a space to promote history and heritage in the Highlands.”

William Clifford-Banks


Bio: William is trustee and co-purchaser of the Boleskine estate. He is a property developer who has restored properties in Australia, France and the United Kingdom. He has also founded a number of successful Financial Technology companies.

William is also a musician and producer and has an interest in ancient history and comparative religion.





“I strongly believe in the mission of the Boleskine House Foundation and feel deeply honoured to be able to contribute my work and experience to a project of such cultural and historical significance.”

Marcin Bartnicki


Bio: As a part of his legal practice in an international law firm, Marcin has provided advice to a number of charitable foundations and organisations. He brings to the Foundation nearly 20 years of experience in corporate, contract, and trust and charities law.

Marcin also has a keen interest in history of religion, ethnography and anthropology.