George Brown

“I would like to reflect how Boleskine was traditionally designed and also how it has evolved after time. Each owner has added their own touch of the modern times to the building and I am excited to be part of the latest development of the house.”

George is an interior designer who has worked in the UK and New York City for companies such as the Soho House Group and Roman and Williams Guild. He is well known for his work on hotels and his cutting edge styles which are able to effortlessly blend traditional interiors with the epitome of great style. George studied Architecture at Melbourne University and then went on to study Design at London’s University of the Arts. George will be heading the interior design element of the project and intends to curate a space that feels comfortable yet helps to express the unique interests and artful taste of Boleskine’s rich history. George specialises in establishing a versatile space that celebrates a certain savoir faire from an elevated, enlightened perspective – Old World classicism combined with the integration of contemporary design.