Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will answer some of the more commonly asked questions and you can also find a lot more information elsewhere on our website.


What is the Boleskine House Foundation and what does it do?

The Boleskine House Foundation is a not-for-profit group whose primary goal is to restore the Boleskine House estate (i.e. house and gardens) to its historical integrity. Our goals and aims are described in more detail under the “Mission and Vision” section of our website.


Who are the individuals that make up the Boleskine House Foundation?

The Boleskine House Foundation is made up of volunteers whose knowledge and skills will contribute to the overall project in positive and effective ways.  Our team is a unique group of individuals with skillsets that range from law, heritage and conservation, historical research, building, and property development. Whether we are confronted with legal concerns, sourcing listed building materials, finding contractors and managing building projects, or simply developing future events that will engage education and heritage on the estate, we are confident that we are well-prepared to meet the demands of the colossal project of restoring Boleskine House. Please see our Founders and Contributing Members pages for more information on who we are.


Is the Boleskine House Foundation affiliated with any other organisations? 

No, the Boleskine House Foundation is not affiliated with any other organisations and is entirely independent.

We have also been asked if any groups or organisations will be given priority access to the estate in the future and we can advise that no groups will be given priority.


Who owns Boleskine House?

The Boleskine property was placed on the market in April 2019 as four different parcels of land. All four parcels have now been purchased by private owners. The three most significant lots (Lots 1, 2 and 3) have been acquired by the individuals running this website. Please see the  our Founders and Contributing Members pages. The Boleskine House Foundation is only concerned with Lot 1 which contains the main listed house and which is the subject of this website. The other lots remain in private ownership. The owner of Lot 4 is not associated with us.


How can I visit Boleskine House?

Boleskine House is currently in a very dangerous state and no one is allowed on the property without express permission being given by the Foundation. When the restoration is complete, all Friends of Boleskine House Members will be able to visit during opening hours. Members of the public will also be able to visit during opening hours. Currently anyone wishing to visit for whatever reason should contact us first to request permission using our Contact Form. Anyone found trespassing on the grounds will be recorded on CCTV and reported to the police.


Will Boleskine be sold once it has been restored?

The house will not be sold. Our intention is to have the entire estate ultimately held in charity to ensure that it is preserved for future generations.


How will Boleskine House be restored?

It is the intention of the owners of Boleskine House and the volunteers of the Boleskine House Foundation to restore the house to its historical integrity. Boleskine House is a “B Listed” property, which means that there are restrictions to ensure that this is done. However, the only records that exist hold descriptions of the house’s exterior features. While there seems to be some flexibility on how its interior is restored, we will be working closely with conservation accredited architects and interior designers to be favourable to how the house might display its original Georgian and Jacobean features.


Will anyone live in Boleskine House after it is restored?

The house will not be the primary residence of any one individual, but we will ensure that someone is either staffed there or otherwise occupying the house at all times to ensure the house is maintained and secure.


How will Boleskine House be maintained after it is restored?

The owners of Boleskine House and the volunteers at the Boleskine House Foundation are currently putting together a resilience plan that will ensure that Boleskine House will continue to be funded after the restoration project is finished. These plans will be made available once they have been finalised.


Are you associated with Aleister Crowley and Thelema? 

No, the Boleskine House Foundation is not affiliated with Aleister Crowley or Thelema and is an independent organisation with primary secular interests to restore the house, which is a listed building by the Highland Council. We do however wish to honour the history of the house insofar as Aleister Crowley was once an owner of the estate. We have provided a page to interested readers on Crowley and his legacy on “Aleister Crowley and Thelema.”


What will happen with the money you raise in donations? 

All of the money which has been raised to date remains in the hands of “Go Fund Me”. After a period of time money will start to be withdrawn and held in a separate bank account for the Foundation. We will make a list of all inflows and outflows of public money on our website after the clearance event which we are running from 16 August (for details please see our Facebook). We are currently looking at a system which allows an independent audit of the use of the monies and an update on this will follow separately. We intend to be fully transparent about the utilisation of the funds which will be used for the sole benefit of the house and the estate restoration for lot 1.


What is your legal form? 

Please see our page “Legal” for an update in relation to this matter. Further information will be forthcoming including all of the governing documents from 8 July.