Boleskine House original Burnt Slate


NOTICE: Please be advised we are experiencing significant delays is dispatching this item. As of 15 September 2023, orders may not dispatch for up to 4 weeks. This is because of limited availability of staff to fulfil orders from the location of the items. Boleskine House generally closes for the season by mid-September, and so collecting items from site and shipping them can take several weeks from receiving one order and completing it. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Own a piece of Boleskine House’s history with a historic piece of burnt slate from the fire-damaged Boleskine House! Each order comes with a single damaged piece of burnt slate from Boleskine House weighing up to 500 grams and a certificate of authenticity signed by a trustee of The Boleskine House Foundation.

All proceeds will be put towards The Boleskine House Foundation to continue its mission to rebuild Boleskine House. In 2022, sales will be helping us to install a new roof!

All slate sold is fire-damaged material not suitable to reinstate back into the fabric of the building, but nevertheless is many centuries old and would be better placed for one of our supporters in their home as a decoration, ornament, altar piece, bookshelf prop, or piece of jewellery!

Please note that all slate varies in texture, weight and size and may be anywhere from 100 grams to 500 grams, giving each buyer a unique and personalised ornament.

Make history with us by owning a piece of history!

All purchases are subject to our Terms and Conditions. The Boleskine House Foundation SCIO cannot be held liable for the handling of your shipment once given to the designated courier.

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Weight 750 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 60 cm